Director and School Head is Prof. Mag. Dr. Alfredo Ferrer (Philosophy, Theology, and Professional Education: Catholic Theological University of Linz, Austria; Innsbruck University, Austria; University of Santo Tomas, Philippines), married to Ms. Gerlinde M√∂rwald Ferrer (Commerce, Library Science: Handelsakademie, Perg; Keppler University, Linz), our Acting Administrator. 

Ms. Wencyl A. Banatlao (BEE General Elementary Education: Laguna State Polytechnic University) is the Principal. 

Ms. Angelique D. Perez (BEE General Elementary Education: Laguna State Polytechnic University) is the Assistant Principal.

Ms. Ma. Eddith Rochelle E. Orda (BS Psychology: Canossa College) is the Guidance Counselor and Registrar

Ms. Leah B. Ello (BS Psychology: Laguna State Polytechnic University) is the Guidance Associate.

Ms. Rachel A. Moneda (BSBA Management Accounting: Laguna College) and 
Ms. Mahalyn S. Landicho (BSC Management: Laguna College) are the Administrative Assistants and Clerks.

Ms. Mona Ciara C. Fernandez (BSBA Management Accounting: Laguna College) is the Bookkeeper.

Ms. Jasmin Joy S. Ortega (BS Hotel and Restaurant Management: Lyceum of the Philippines University) is the Human Resource Assistant. 

Only the above-mentioned persons form the School Administration.


Faculty members of Pre-School and Elementary Departments are all graduates of Education, most of them finishing their masteral studies.